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Last Will & Testament

Nobody likes to think about their death. However, all of us will face this reality at some point in our lives. Having a proper will in place can ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones get the provisions that you have worked so hard for.

Without a legal will, the probate laws take over and decide how your estate will be divided.

There are numerous examples where children did not receive their portion, personal belongings sold to cover funeral expense, and revered charities were ignored. Under the current law step children do not have any claim to your estate and a common law spouse may not receive anything without a proper will.

Even worse, the government may get your assets leaving your family with nothing. If you have multiple investment properties and retirement funds, you need a will to provide details on passing these assets on. If you have just a simple case you still need to plan so that your family is not wondering how to handle your final expenses.

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The FCA does not regulate Will Writing.

For Will Writing we act as introducers only.